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2x4 Black/Burgundy Cue Case

This 2x4 black and burgundy case is a new design featuring an exterior made of durable vinyl with an embossed alligator print accent, the Organic Rebound interior, roomy 17" pocket with side zippers, ergonomic handle and shoulder straps.

The interiors feature lush fabric so that the cue parts are cradled and secure. The Organic Rebound refers to the spring-like effect when the cue is placed in the case. The cue parts will gently rise to be just above the lip of the case when opened making the cues really easy to extract. But there are no mechanical devices inside to take up space or break so the full length of the case may be used. Thus it's organic and rebounds.

All zippers are self-healing YKK with rubber zipper pulls.


All stress points are reinforced. The case holds up to 31" inch cues.

This case represents a new level in design sophistication. When you have it in your hands you will marvel at how all the seams flow.

Retail Price - $249.00

Sterling 2x4 Black/Burgundy Pool Cue Case -  $199.20


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