Viking B4008 Pool Cue Pool Cue
Viking B4008 Pool Cue
Viking Pool Cues

Viking B4008 Pool Cue

Comes with Free Viking Joint Protectors

8 Black (IMA) And Bronze Premium Pearl Inlays / Khaki Stain / Birdseye Maple And Bronze Premium Pearl Butt Sleeve / Double Pressed Irish Linen Wrap / White Pearl Rings / Viking Quick Release Joint / Tiger Everest Laminated Tip / Vikore Performance Shaft

Pool Cue Specs:

: Tiger Everest Laminated Tip
Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft
Shaft: ViKore Shaft
Turnings: 9 to 11 Turnings over 18 to 24 months
Taper: 12" to 14" Pro Taper
Joint: High Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert
Joint Pin: Viking Quick Release Pin, Stainless Steel
Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 Coat Finish
Wrap: Irish Linen Wrap
Butt Plate: High Impact Modified Acrylic with Viking Logo
Bumper: Threaded Rubber
Warranty: Lifetime to original owner, including warpage

Standard Viking Order Form

Viking B4008 Pool Cue - $660.00

 Orders from Standard Order Form usually ship in 1-4 Days depending upon availability
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Custom Viking Order Form

Viking B4008 Pool Cue - $660.00

This Cue will be custom made to your specifications - Custom orders will ship in about 3 weeks


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Tip Options
Shaft  Options - ViKore, InViktus, Siege, Exact Shot, Exact Shot X2, Vpro, Vspin, Vcrush,
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Butt Diameter - Standard Diameter is 1.295" - Skinny Butt is 1.205"
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