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Viking eXactShot Shaft
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Viking eXactShot Shaft

eXactShot Pure Performance Shaft by Viking

Who better than Viking Cue to take a low deflection performance to the next level. The Viking™ eXactShot® Pure Performance Shaft improves your accuracy from the moment you line up your first shot. Its vertical sightlines down the length of the shaft help you shoot more accurately. The revolutionary eX-Core® construction redefines just how a performance shaft should perform and how good a cue can feel in your hands while shooting. revolutionary to the core

The composite eX-Core transfers impact power efficiently from joint to tip (without loss of power thru grain run-off). The eX-Core was designed, developed and tested by Viking Engineers to provide maximum impact with ultimate touch and feel.

Legendary Viking Craftsmanship
Every eXactShot shaft is 100% made in the USA. Since 1965, Viking Cues have been handcrafted by master craftsmen, each with decades of experience.

Indestructible Ferrule
Viking has developed a specially-formulated, high‑impact resin SUPER ferrule that is not just reactive, but simply indestructible.

Kamui Black Soft Tip
The Kamui Black tip is designed to add more spin to the cue ball with less effort. The elasticity of the black leather absorbs the momentum of the cue propelling the cue ball with desired spin. The soft layered tip of the Kamui Black paired with the eXactShot is the perfect formula for an explosive, low-deflection shaft with astonishing response and precision.

Pure Performance
From tip to joint, all components within the eXactShot are designed to function as one. Whether you are a pro, amateur, or somewhere in between, you will find yourself saying… “How did I ever shoot without this/”

“The one thing you can buy today that will guarantee you’ll shoot more accurately tomorrow.”

*With all shaft only purchases we cannot guarantee a fit onto your cue unless the butt that the shaft will fit onto is sent into us*


Tip: Kamui Black Soft (Standard), All options available at no additional charge.
Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft
Shaft: 4 Piece Laminated Hard Rock Maple (Aged 2 years) with composite eX-Core®
Turnings: 9 to 11 turnings over 18 to 24 months
Taper: 12" to 14" Pro Taper
Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish at joint
Joint: High Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert
Pin: Viking 5/16 x 18 Quick Release, Stainless Steel
Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage

Retail Price - $299.00

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Viking eXactShot Shaft - $269.10
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Viking eXactShot Shaft - $269.10

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