Viking V Pro Shaft Pool Cue
Viking V Pro Shaft
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Viking V Pro Shaft

Viking VPro Shaft

The Viking VPRO shaft starts with engineering excellence.

Tip: LePro

If you are looking for more accuracy, the VPRO is your shaft. If Pure Performance sounds like something you would like, we invite you to experience one of our Made in the USA shafts, all handcrafted in Madison, Wisconsin. And remember, every Viking Performance Shaft comes with our Lifetime Warranty against defects, including warpage.

*With all shaft only purchases we cannot guarantee a fit onto your cue unless the butt that the shaft will fit onto is sent into us*

Standard Viking Order Form

Viking V Pro Shaft - $200.00
Viking Quick Release Joint
 Orders from Standard Order Form usually ship in 1-4 Days depending upon availability
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Custom Viking Order Form

Viking V Pro Shaft - $200.00

This Cue will be custom made to your specifications - Custom orders will ship in about 3 weeks
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