Schon Pool Cues
Schon Custom Pool Cues

Schon Cues are Proudly Made in the USA! 

Forget production mills.  The passionate staff of cue makers at Schon takes great pride in creating every cue with painstaking time and care.  Schon makes limited production to ensure perfection on each cue.  The secret is in their proprietary manufacturing techniques and the fact that every cue is designed, finished and inspected by master craftsman Evan Clarke.  It is no coincidence that the German translation of the Schon is "beautiful."


Schon SP-1804 Pool Cue

Schon SP-1804 Pool Cue - SP-1804



SP & STL-EB & LTD Series
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Schon SP Series Pool Cues

$556 - $1080

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CX Series
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Schon Pool Cues

$476 - $1079
Special Shaft Options Available
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STL Series Pool Cues
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$475 - $1840
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SH Series
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$569 - $1054
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Schon Hybrid Low Deflection Shaft
Schon Hybrid Shaft

Sale Price - $192.00
29" or 29.5" Available
12.75mm, 12.5mm, 12.25mm,
12mm & 11.75mm Available
Schon Cue Shaft
Schon Cue Shaft 

Sale Price - $138.50 to $148.50
29" or 30" Available
13mm, 12.75mm, 12.5mm, 12.25mm
 or 12 mm Available

All Schon Pool Cues come with Free shipping inside the US.