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Schuler Custom Cues

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Schuler Cues are hand crafted in Wisconsin, USA.  All Schuler Cues are now offered with a variety of custom options.  All Schuler Cues are available with Shaft Options.  Learn more about Schuler cues at the links above.  Schuler cues offer high end workmanship and playability at very reasonable prices!

Ray Schuler Pool Cues
Ray Schuler PL Series Pool Cues
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PL Series Pool Cues
 shaft choices available
Ray Schuler Pool Cues
Ray Schuler Custom Pool Cues
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Custom Model Pool Cues
shaft choices available
Ray Schuler Billiard Cues
Ray Schuler Billiard Cues
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Billiards / 3 Cushion Cues
shaft choices available
Shafts for Ray Schuler Cues
Ray Schuler Cue Shafts
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Ray Schuler Pool Cue Shafts
Ray Schuler Billiard / 3 Cushion Shafts
Low Deflection shafts for Schuler Cues
Ray Schuler Masse Cue
Ray Schuler Masse Cue - $480.00 - click here

Jacoby Carbon Black Shaft - Schuler Joint
Jacoby Carbon Black Shaft for Ray Schuler Cues - $475.00 - Click Here



Low Deflection Shafts for Ray Schuler Cues
OB-1+ Shaft - $193.50
OB-2+ Shaft- $193.50
OB Classic+ Shaft - $193.50
Jacoby Ultra Pro Shaft - $252.00
Jacoby Ultra Pro Carom Shaft - $270.00

Shafts for Schuler Cues - Click Here
We stock Jacoby Hybrid Edge Shafts for Schuler Joint - Pool & Carom