At the Billiard Warehouse, we are completely obsessed with cues, so we know what an important decision it is when choosing your cue.  Finding a cue that will fit your taste and budget at The Billiard Warehouse is extremely easy because we have the very best selection found anywhere; and at extremely discounted prices.  Buying your cue from The Billiard Warehouse is simple with our

1. Buy your cue at The Billiard Warehouse from our huge selection of production or custom cues.

2.  Play with your cue for 5 days.

3. If you are not satisfied with your cue, return it for credit towards another cue from The Billiard Warehouse.

Try a Cue Rules and Details:

You may exchange a cue up to three times for the Try a Cue Program.  You have up to five days from the date you receive your cue to decide if you would like to return your cue.  You must inform the Billiard Warehouse at 888-809-7665 by 5 pm on the 5th day you receive your cue.  The Billiard Warehouse will give you a return number to authorize your return.  You can not return your cue without authorization from The Billiard Warehouse, Inc.  We must receive your cue within 10 days of your authorization of return.  After 10 days, starting on the 11th day, there will be a late charge of $20.00 per day against your credit until we receive your cue.  Once the late charges reach the value of your cue; the sale is considered final.  You are responsible for returning the cue to The Billiard Warehouse via UPS, US Priority Mail or Federal Express, postage prepaid and insured for the full value of the cue.  The cue must be returned in the original condition, free of any kind of damage.  If the cue is damaged, the amount of repair plus 10% will be deducted from your credit.  Normal chalk residue is not considered damage.  Any kind of tip change, re-taper, or use of sand paper or anything abrasive on the shaft will void the try a cue Guarantee.  After the 5 day try a cue period is over, cues can not be returned for any reason other than manufacturer's defect; in which case you will be given details to return your cue to the manufacturer for evaluation.  If you do not insure your cue during its return, you are responsible for loss or damage.  Unchalked cues can be returned for full refund or exchange for the purchase price of the pool cue.  Shipping charges are non refundable.  Returned chalked cues can only be returned for credit towards another cue from The Billiard Warehouse.  No cash refunds are offered for chalked cues.  Cues ordered with customs options including, but not limited to Custom Stain, Pearl, Joint, Length, Taper or Engraving options can not be returned or exchanged for any reason other than manufacturer's defect.