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Advanced Playability through Technology  
Predator Cues with REVO Shafts In Stock

Predator Shafts

Predator 314-3 Shafts
Predator 314-3 3rd Generation Cue Shafts

Predator Z3 Shafts
Predator Z3 Shafts

Predator Vantage Shafts
Predator Vantage Shaft
Predator Revo Shafts
Predator REVO 11.8 Carbon Composite Shafts
Predator Revo Shafts
Predator REVO 12.4 Shafts
Predator Revo Shafts
Predator REVO 12.9 Shafts
BK Rush Break Shaft - Uniloc Joint - 29" or 30"
BK Rush Break Shaft

Classic Sneaky Pete Cues
Predator Classic Sneaky Pete Pool Cuers
4 Point & 8 Point True Splice

w/ 314-3, Z3, Vantage or REVO Shaft  
Throne Series Pool Cues
Predator Throne Series cues
3rd Generation

w/ 314-3, Z3, Vantage or REVO Shaft  
  Predator SP2 REVO &
True Splice 16 Pool Cues
Predator SP2 REVO and True Splice Pool Cues
REVO SP2 & True Splice 16

REVO Sport 2 Pool Cues
Predator Sport 2 Amp and Volt Pool Cues
 Sport 2 Amp & Volt

w/ 314-3, Z3, Vantage or REVO Shaft  
Predator 9K Series Pool Cues
Predator 9K Series Pool Cues
9K Series

w/ 314-3, Z3, Vantage or REVO Shaft 
Aspire Series Pool Cues
Predator Aspire Pool Cues

with Predator One Shaft
IKON4 Series
Predator Ikon4 Series Pool Cues
4th Generation IKON

w/ Choice of Shaft
Predator P3 Pool Cues
Predator P3 Pool Cues

P3 Cues

30 Piece Construction
w/ 314-3, Z3, Vantage or REVO Shaft
Sport Cues and Break Cues
Predator BK3 and BK Rush Break Cues
Break Cues

Break Cues & AIR 2 Jump
K Classic Series
Predator K Classic Series Pool Cues
K Classic Series

w/ 314-3, Z3, Vantage or REVO Shaft
LE Willie 526 Cues
Predator Willie 526 Limited Edition Cues
Limited Edition Pool Cues

w/ 314-3, Z3, Vantage or REVO

Sang Lee Series
Predator Sang Lee Series Pool Cues
Sang Lee LTD Series

w/ 314-3, Z3, Vantage or REVO Shaft
Predator Cases
Predator Cases
Large Selection
Predator Extension
Predator Extensions
QR2 Extensions

Predator Arcos 2 Pool Balls
Predator ARCOS II Reserve Pool Ball Set

Predator Logo Accessories
Predator Logo Accessories
Predator Clothing
and Arcos Pool Balls



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To be the brand of choice for serious players at every level. We're proud to proclaim that Predator cues and shafts are used by more than 60% of the top-ranked male pros, three out of five top women professionals and over 200,000 competitive players worldwide. None of these players are paid to play with Predator cues. Their only reward is better performance.  Even beginning and intermediate players will attest to how Predator takes their play to an entirely new level. In fact, in an independent survey of Predator owners, more than 90% said that playing with Predator improved their game.


Predator cues are built with state-of-the-art computer controlled technology, using only the finest maple and exotic woods. The result is the best products that money can buy.

When you purchase Predator, you're buying peace of mind.  As a Predator customer, you can feel confident that if you ever have a question or need assistance with a product, we're never more than a phone call away.  That's the Predator promise. Giving you the best products backed by the best service is all part of our superior ownership experience.

All Predator cues and shafts are warranted for life against any manufacturer defects. If you purchase a Predator product from a participating dealer and are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may return it with 30 days for a 90% refund.  Warranties are void if products are abused or altered.  Please contact us for more information.

Within the first few moments of picking up a Predator cue, your play will be completely transformed.  With Predator, you won't just see the difference, you'll feel the difference. You'll even hear the difference. Behind every shot you make is years of research and countless hours dedicated to technological advancement. It's an approach that has produced hundreds of champions, thousands of satisfied players and lots of unhappy opponents.

*Free UPS ground shipping for Predator Pool Cues and Predator shafts in continental US only