Predator Revo 12.9 Cue Shaft
Predator Revo Shaft
Predator Pool Cues
Predator REVO Cue Shaft - Radial Pin Joint - 12.4 mm w/ Black Vault Plate



The ultimate in billiards technology and performance. Comprised carbon fiber composite, REVO shafts incorporate more than twenty years of technological evolution and testing. The stiffest of all Predator shafts, REVO shafts feature the lightest front end mass, the lowest rate of rise taper, greatest radial consistency, and most durable construction. The result? The most accurate shaft in the world at low and high speeds, with the smoothest finish, most spin, and uncompromising durability.

  • Most accurate shaft at low and high speeds
  • Low-rise taper with 8% rise over the first 14 inches
  • REVO Ferrule-less construction
  • Limited-lifetime warranty against warpage


    Tip Diameter:
    Taper: REVO Low-Rise Taper
    Ferrule Length: Ferrule-less construction
    Vault Plate - Black
    Joint: Radial Pin Joint
    Tip: Predator Victory Tip (soft)

    Predator Revo Pool Shaft

    Predator REVO Cue Shaft


    Predator Revo 12.4 mm Cue Shaft
    Radial Pin Joint w/ Black Vault Plate
    Tip Option:


    Predator Pool Cues