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Schmelke M Series Pool Cues

Made In USA

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Schmelke M-010 Pool Cue - Shedua




Schmelke M-020 Pool Cue - Bocote




Schmelke M-030 Pool Cue - East Indian Rosewood




Schmelke M040 Pool Cue

Schmelke M-040 Pool Cue - Bocote




Schmelke M040 Custom Pool Cue
Only 1 Available - You receive the cue from this image

Schmelke M-040 Custom Pool Cue - Bocote




Schmelke M2-G Pool Cue - Goncolo Alves




Schmelke M-060 Pool Cue - Maple




Schmelke M2-P Pool Cue - Purple Heart




Schmelke M2-R Pool Cue - Rosewood




Schmelke M051 Pool Cue

Schmelke M051 Pool Cue - Goncolo Alves




Schmelke M061 Pool Cue

Schmelke M061 Pool Cue - Rosewood




Schmelke M071 Pool Cue

Schmelke M071 Pool Cue - Rosewood




Schmelke M081 Pool Cue

Schmelke M081 Pool Cue - Ebony




Schmelke M090 Pool Cue - Cocobolo w/ silver rings




Schmelke M090 Enhanced Pool Cue

Schmelke M090 Enhanced Pool Cue
 Cocobolo w/ silver rings
G10 Glass Epoxy Pin & XTC Low Deflection Ferrule




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Handcrafted Cues by Schmelke

Each Schmelke Pool Cue is built and designed by master craftsmen for straightness, hitting power, balance and durability.  All cues are made from the finest hardwoods, both foreign and domestic.  The shafts are selected from hard maple, first air dried for whiteness, then kiln dried and aged to guard against warping.  Each cue has a specially made tip mounted on a high impact fibre ferrule.  A choice of four joint styles ensures the hit and balance suited to each individual players game. 

All Schmelke cues have a specially designed UV finish, usually found on only the most expensive cues on the market.  All shafts are coated with a non-stick UV finish and hand polished to insure a satin feel and a smooth stroke.

Quality, Options and Service

  • Exclusive Shaft Finish - Protects from warpage, prevents dirty shafts

  • UV Finish - Gives both the shaft and butt a superior feel and protection

  • Joint Construction - Threaded joint affixed by epoxy

  • Materials - The finest aged wood, tips, ferrules and joint parts

  • Options - Your choice of weight, joint type, wrap, and cue length

Schmelke Shafts

  • Standard shafts are made of high quality hard rock maple

  • Our laminated shafts are also high quality hard maple only these are cut down, pieced and glued together to give a stiffer, more solid hit.  On average these shafts have about 22 laminations per inch.

  • Both our standard and laminated shafts are turned down and finished the same way with our super smooth UV finish.

Schmelke Joints

  • Joint #1 is solid brass 9/16 x 24.  Joint #1 gives the cue a very forward balance with a crisp hit and very little feel.

  • Joint #2 is 5/16 x 18 stainless steel.   Joint #2 gives the cue a forward balance with a fairly crisp hit with a little more  feel than joint #1. 

  • Joint #3 is 5/16 x 18 ertalyte.  Joint #3 gives the cue a less forward balance with a soft hit with a little more feel.

  • Joint #4 is 3/4 x 10 directly into the shaft wood with an ertalyte collar.  Joint #4 gives the cue a less forward balance with a very soft hit and a lot of feel.