Schmelke Hoppe Style Pool Cue
Schmelke Pool Cue

Schmelke Pool Cue
Schmelke Rosewood Hoppe Style Full Spice Pool Cue

60" Cue (30" Butt / 30" Shaft)

Schmelke full splice pool cue.  A full splice means that the points to the butt cap are a single piece of wood (the Rosewood continues under the wrap).  This Hoppe Style Pool cue is an exceptional value!


Forearm: Straight Grain Maple
Points: 4 Rosewood Points
Butt Sleeve: Rosewood
Handle: Irish Linen
Joint: Joint #2 - 5/16x18
Butt Cap:  Black with Hoppe Ring
Shaft: Hard Rock Maple
Ferrule: 1" Linen Melamine
Tip: Schmelke Soft Tip
Taper: 13mm Pro Taper

Schmelke cues are made in the USA and offer some of the best performance values on the market!

Standard Schmelke Order Form

Schmelke Hoppe Full Splice Pool Cue As Pictured $199.00 
60" Length (30" Shaft / 30" Butt)
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